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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 16:33:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: DJ-S11 mod

The expanded frequencies for the Alinco two meter DJ-S11 is the same as for
the DJ-S41 radio.  Remove 7 screws in the back case and battery compartment.
 Carefully separate case halves.  Look for very small SMD green resistor
jumper at left side near the middle of board labeled OP/CL.  Remove for
expanded tx/rx.  Expanded frequency range is 136.00 to 173.995 mHz.

(There are two pads here, only the one nearest outside of radio is jumpered.
 Didn't experiment to see what would happen if the other one or a combination
of the two were jumpered but this might be the Mars/Cap mod.) 

Art, KC7GF


Subject: DJ-S11 Modification


This modofication is very much like the one described by KB1MZ for the
DJ-S41. I like to thank him for initial modification. 

     Performing this modification will void any warranties.
       All standard disclaimers apply. This mod is for the 

    1. Place the radio face down on a soft towel. This avoids 
       scratching the display and gives you a place to put 
       the seven tiny screws to be removed.

    2. Remove the batteries. You will lose all of the memory contents.

    3. Remove the three screws on the upper rear cover, and
       the four screws inside the battery compartment. The
       rear cover can be lifted and removed easily, as there 
       are no wires to be concerned about. The antenna 
       connection is made by means of a gold-plated spring 

    4. Look for a small (about 1 mm) green surface mount 
       resistor (actually a 0 ohm jumper), located on the far
       left side of the exposed circuit board, located to the 
       "northwest" of the speaker. There is a marking in white
       letters, OP/CL, this resistor is located near by.
       It is the only green component visible on the board.
       (This radio does not have the traditional Alinco red 
       and blue wires which have become so familiar...)

    5. Carefully remove this resistor, using a small tip soldering
       iron, tweezers and a steady hand. The thin board can be 
       easily damaged by a high wattage soldering iron.

    6. Re-assemble the radio, being careful that the thin rubber 
       gasket is seated around the inside edge of the rear cover.
       Replace the batteries, press and hold the "F" button on the 
       left side of the radio, and turn it on. The display should 
       show all segments and markings. Release the "F" button and 
       the radio will now be capable of operating from approximately 
       136.000 MHz to above 173.995 MHz, depending on the VCO's tuning. 
       The display will blink if the VCO is taken out of its range.
       Re-tweeking of the VCO is not recommended. 

                    THE NOT-SO-FINE PRINT:

    7. Although reception on the expanded frequencies is legal, 
       transmission is not. This unit is not FCC type-accepted
       for anything but ham band (144 - 147.995 MHz) operation.
       Again thanks to KB1MZ for his nice writeup.

		73's de KG7HQ; Michael


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