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Subject: Alinco DJ-G5T Mods

Kevin Bednar ( writes:

To extend the TX (RX is already extended) do the following:

1) Remove the 4 screws that hold the back cover of the unit on.

2) CAREFULLY pry the case apart (It's helps to remove the VFO/Mem/etc 
knob first)

3) On the FRONT portion (DTMF Pad) of the case, in the upper right-hand 
corner you will see a BLUE wire. Cut that carefully.

4) Reassemble the unit.

5) While holding the FUNC key, press POWER to reset the unit.

6) Viola! You know have extended TX!

Hope this helps all DJ-5GT users.

Kevin Bednar

 But in g5e you can extend TX/RX just by doing this (you dont have to
open the radio):

a) Keylock your radio (Func 0)
b) Press Func #212

 It will appear on the screen:


Now you have:

RX: 108Mhz - 174Mhz
TX: 130Mhz - 174Mhz

RX: 400Mhz - 512Mhz
TX: 400Mhz - 512Mhz

On the right VFO 
RX: 800Mhz - 1000Mhz

 In VHF or UHF you can receive in AM just by pressing Func 6

To close te radio use the same procedure:
a) Keylock your radio (Func 0)
b) Press Func #212

it will appear on the screen:


-------------------Channel mode---------------------

You can put your radio in channel mode:

a) Keylock your radio (Func 0)
b) Press Func #986

It will appear on the screen Ch 1
This channel is M1.
If you have M100 then you will have 100 channels

To put the radio in "normal" mode just press:
Func *284


I dont know what this is.
Maybe a weird serial number...
a) Keylock your radio (Func 0)
b) Press Func #355

 On my screen appears this number:


 It seems there is no way of changing it just by turning the knob or
pressing the keypad.

I do not take any responsibility for any harm done.
Do this at your own risk!

Have fun!
Joao Seabra



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