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Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 01:49:55 -0800
From: Phil 
Subject: Another Alinco DJ-G5 Mod

As you all may know the Alinco DJ G5T has European equivalent, the DJ

I was intrigued with the mod for the DJ G5E and how you dont have to
open the radio to expand the TX, and how it will get  800 MHz.

After studying the service manual, I found how to make the G5T into the
G5E.  The only diference is FL51 the UHF Sinad and  3 chip resistors.
Now for the mod:

Remove the back of the radio.  On the front half of the unit, remove
two screws from the PCB near the bottom(not the very bottom screws) and
remove the board carefully to expose the CPU board.  Above the CPU
shield are 4 SMT resistors to the right of a large SMT Cap (+ 33 10V).

Remove the top Resistor (R536) remove the the second and third
resistors (R541 and R571) and swap them.

Reasemble the radio, and reset the CPU. And now it will respond the
same as the DJG5E

I have tried this on my own radio and it works, I Dont take
responsibility if you damage your radio.  You have to enter 800 MHz in
the VFO and then it will scan it.  I STRONGLY recoment getting the
sevice manual from the alinco websight.  Its 5MB download but its



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