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From: (Jui Tien)
Subject: Alinco DJF1T mods
Summary: Mods for extended receive and transmit
Sender: (Net Noise owner)
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1992 16:29:39 GMT
Keywords: Alinco
Lines: 38

First of all, thanks for all the people who sent me email on the DJF1T
mods. I've tried it and it works!!
Here is the summary:

Open the radio and place it face down with the BNC jack up, and locate 
two jumper wires on the lower right hand corners of the set. The red jumper is
for extended receive, and the blue(I think it is blue?) jumper is for extended
transmit. Just cut/unsolder the red jumper for extended receive, blue for 
extended transmit, or both jumpers if you want both. 

Push the F button while turning the set on to reset radio to factory 
defaults. The extended receive (AM aircraft) can be activated by pressing
the B button on the keypad. (If you cut both jumpers) A letter A will show 
up on the LCD indicating that radio is in the AM mode. To go back to FM, just 
press B again. I think B just activates a second VFO in the radio, since radio
retains the AM frequency when toggle in and out of te AM mode. My serial number
is 8221, so this mod should work for radio with serial numbers close to mine. 
The radio will not transmit in AM mode, but it will transmit up to the ~160MHz
range. I can say that it works up to the weather band frequencies. I've checked 
it by transmitting on 162MHz to a FT-415  at the lowest power setting inside
an enclosed screen room. 

Try this mod at your own risk! 

A few words about the radio in general. I had the radio for about two days 
and I already had several IFR flights with it on board an airplane. The radio
performed flawlessly. The fit and finish of the radio is excellent. The 
entire radio case is cast luminum, except the battery case, which is plastic.
The only gripe I have about the radio is the battery latch. It seems to do the 
job, but looks a little flimsy. If I really sqeeze the radio HARD, I can feel a
tiny bit of movement between the battery case and radio. But I complaint about
the same thing about the glove compartment in my Honda....
I prefer the what we pilots called " human engineerd" aspect of the radio. Most 
of what I use in the airplane are rarely more than two buttons away. God only
gave me two hands a while back, and I need one to fly the airplane, and the 
other to toggle the radio controls. 

Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM


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