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From: jay@zen.CAc.stratus.COM (Jay Appell)
Date: 7 Jun 91 18:43:34 GMT
Organization: UCSD Usenet Gateway
Lines: 19

There are two mods immediately available!

First, If you haven't seen this little handheld, look for it!

This is like having a solid little Motorola in your palm. The  
sensitivity is very very good! I'm impressed so far!

First Mod: Open the back of the radio and discover a Red Wire. Cut  
the red wire. Re-assemble the radio. Reset the radio and voila you  
now have airband! press the B key and airband receive mod is  

Second Mod : Perform everything like the first mod except find a Blue
added wire. Cut the wire for broadband. Reset radio and your done.

More later.....

Jay Appell (KA1SNA)

Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM


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