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Subject: DJ580T 800 MHZ.1

Here's a neat keyboard mod which will allow the Alinco DJ680T to receive in
the 800 band:
This mod requires you to already have performed the AM Aircraft/Expanded RX
mod described in the owners manual (cut the red wire and reset the radio).
Having done that, place your radio in VFO mode on the UHF band. Hold down the
[Function] button then repeatedly press the [UHF] button until you see a number
in the display like 875.00. You can now tune from 810.00 to 998.9875 in .0025
steps! Also, having done this, while in VFO mode on either band if you hold the
[Function] button and repeatedly press the respective [VHF] or [UHF] key you
will toggle between your standard VFO and the expanded RX VFO. Neat!
73's de Lee n8vyh @


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