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     To : MODS @ ALLUS
   Date : 920212/0600
Subject: Mod for ALINCO DJ-580T D/B HH
Hello to all, name here is Tom. This letter is to let you know how
to Modify your ALINCO DJ-580T Dual band Handheld. This seems to
be a very good radio in form and function, and does not contain
any of the previous glitches that I have found on earlier models
of Alinco radios. This Mod comes straight from Alinco in Torrance
   A L I N C O  D J - 5 8 0 T  A I R  &  O U T  O F  B A N D
This is a very simple mod it will give you aircraft band RX,
from 108-130 Mhz AM. On the first part and RX/TX from 130Mhz-
170Mhz on VHF and 415 - 470 Mhz on UHF (Approximate).

1. Remove the  battery from the radio.
2. Look at the bottom of the radio where the battery mounts.
3. Locate four screws that hold the battery mounting plate to the
   bottom of the radio. Remove these four screws.
   (Be careful, the screws are SMALL!)
4. The battery plate is still attached by two wires but there should  
   be enough slack in them to get around the plate with a pair of 
5. With the radio's keypad and display facing up, locate a loop of
   red wire on the right side of the radio interior.
6. Cut this wire for AM Aircraft band RX.
7. On the left side of the interior, locate a loop of blue wire.
8. Cut this wire for TX/RX  as described above.
9. Insulate the exposed ends of these wires so they do not short.
10.Re-attach the battery mounting plate and replace the battery.
11.With the radio off, hold down the function key and turn the 
   radio on.

Thats all there is to it! You can now program all frequencies
Within the above ranges. The AIR band RX is pretty hot
Attempt this modification at your own risk.  It may void any
warranty your equipment may carry. 
Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM


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