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  I have found some mods for the Alinco DJ-280 which I have found to work
well. I have not yet tried everything yet and it is up to you to do what a
ham does best "tinker".
  First remove the battery and battery contact plate on the bottom of the
radio. Second remove the 3 screws on the radio case, 2 on the back next to
the PTT and 1 on the front next to the lanyard hole. There is no need to
remove the belt clip or the plate under the belt clip. Three remove the
squelch knob and the off/vol knob, take of the front half of the case(BE
by swinging the bottom out and lifting up. Then unclip the 2 wiring
harnesses, 1 from the speaker and the other from the keypad.
  Now looking at the board you will see 5 solder jumper spots on the left
side of the radio. Two of the on the top going horizontal, and three jumpers
going vertical. The 3 going vertical are the ones to use, I have not worked
with the other two yet.
  I have solder blobs on TRX and TX, which gives me the standard US band
plan TX 222 Mhz- 224.995 Mhz. Which is model DJ-280T

        TX jumper  CLOSED

        RX jumper  OPEN

        TRX jumper CLOSED

  By opening the TRX jumper and closing the RX jumper it  will now work on
220 Mhz- 239.995 Mhz. Which is model DJ-280TA1

        TX  jumper CLOSED

        RX  jumper CLOSED

        TRX jumper OPEN

  By closing all jumper it will work on 240 Mhz- 259.995 Mhz. Which is model

        TX jumper  CLOSED

        RX jumper  CLOSED

        TRX jumper CLOSED

  I'm sure there are other mods for this radio, but I have not had time to
look yet. I will keep you updated if I find anything else.
                       73, KC8LQA

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- writes:


Expanded transmit for the Alinco DJ-280T

Remove the 7 screws holding the radio together ( 1
from the front, 2 from the back and 4 from the battery
terminals). Remove the knobs and separate the 2
halves. On the front PCB below the display are server
solder pads, we will be dealing with 3. They are
labeled TX, RX and TRX. The TX and RX need to be
jumped and TRX should be unsoldered

Expanded recieve for the Alinco DJ-280T

To extend the Recieve, press and the LAMP button while
powering the unit. The recieve will be extented to
200-299 MHz. Once the TX expand has been done, it will
show TX from the same range. Mine transmits from 200 -
272.4 It does show trx above that, but its 272 MHz so
maybe it can be increased. 


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