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Alnico DJ-196 2m HT Modifications

Use this modification at your own risk.  It will probably void the

This modification will open up the transmit frequencies from 138MHz  to
174MHz including the VHF public service and marine bands.  The
modification is very easy.  Remove the battery pack and you will see a
silver cover in the lower right corner on the back of the rig.
Carefully remove this cover with a small tool.  Inside you will see a
blue wire. Cut or remove this blue jumper wire and do a full
microprocessor reset by shutting power off to the rig and then pressing
the power and func set keys at the same time when you release them the
rig will reset .  You will lose all previously stored frequencies,
labels, and other setup data and will have to re-enter this
information.  The rig now has extended transmit capability.

Original information provided by:  Kent LeBarts K6IN
Submitted by: Geoff Mendenhall W9NEZ


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