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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 22:34:30 -0400
From: HornSmoke 
Subject: DJ-160SX mods

I somehow ended up with the Japanese variant to the Alinco
DJ-160T, the DJ-160SX. Here are the expanded RX/TX mods that I
have just performed (to resounding success.) I got them from a
Japanese amateur in Japan (Yasuo, 7L3AXT/7 & JM7OCK.) He
translated them from Japanese ham radio mags!

The DJ-160SX is the Japanese variant of the DJ-160T. The
TX range will be 145-146 Mhz. This is obviously unsatisfactory.

How to expand RX range of  DJ-160SX. This is a "keypad" mod.

1. Push "B" key with "F" key. Then display will be "KL" or "FL".
2. Push "2" key,  next push "1" key, next push "2" key, with "F"
 Then display will show "OPEN" and beep, then finish.
3. Push "B" key with "F" key, which will make  "KL" or "FL"
disappear from the display.
4. Band select key is "B".
5. Expanded RX range will be 108-174MHz & 850-910MHz.

How to expand TX range of DJ-160SX.

1. Cut off BP1 and BP2 jumpers. BP1 is behind the battery release
with a yellow wire; BP2 is located right above it, hidden. The
is a blue wire.

Hit "All reset". Then TX frequency will be 130.00MHz -
This is the second step. If you modify all steps, frequency range
will be:

RX 108-142.995MHz
TX&RX 130-173.995MHz
RX 850-909.995MHz

Again, select the band with the "B" key to the right of the
Hope this helps!

Loren Fields


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