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>I have two computers systems with sound and one set of speakers.
>I don't want to purchase speakers for both computers so how could I go
>about feeding the two separate audio sources into these amplified
>speakers?   That is, of course, without resorting to purchasing a
>stereo mixer (over-kill).

You could prabably get by with making a simple passive mixer for each
channel using 2 resistors like this:

PC A >----/\/\/\/------+------> AMP
           10k-56k     |
PC B >----/\/\/\/------+

The optimal resistor values will depend on the output impedence of the
sound cards and the input impedence of the speaker amps. Tiny 1/8th watts
could be soldered to the terminals of a metal-covered phono plug.

Of course there'll be some loss in volume, but encreasing the PC output
volume may compensate enough. If not, you could try lowering the resistor
values. If the volume ranges of each PC are highly mismatched, you can
lower the resistor value of the weaker one. In any case, try to avoid
going lower than ~1k for audio outputs and ~100 for speaker outputs.

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Original Subject: Re: Question: Mixing 2 sound sources to one set of amplified speakers? (TIA)

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