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> Does anyone know how to take a connection for an 8 ohm speaker (such
> as an earphone jack) and directly connect it to microphone input on
> something else?  Any help is appreciated

Well, for a *direct* connection you just need wire ;-)


    ---R1---+---C1---+ ----
            |        |
Spkr        R2       R3  Mic Input
            |        |

Say you have a 10V speaker output and a 100mV mic input and you want to 
load the speaker output to simulate an earphone (say 100R), and the mic
input is high impedance.  So...
R1 = 100R    R2 = 1R          approx 100:1 divider
R3 = 10k                      load and bleeder for Cs
C1 = C2 = 330nF               DC blocking, approx 50Hz -> 10k

These values are very approx and don't forget that R1 could dissipate 
up to 1W using the assumptions above.  

Mayes uk

Date: Tue, 13 Aug 96 08:42:00 GMT

Original Subject: Re: 8 ohm connection to mike input

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