Geoff Raynak <> wrote:
>Sorry for the confusion.  I meant to say that I tried the circuits
>provided by H&H but they don't seem to be _precision_ in the sense that
>they cannot maintain the load against the resistance.  I am trying to
>sense geometry changes in a tube filled with saline.  Using a resistance
>method, i need a constant current source (very constant) to measure
>resistance-induced voltage changes without any current-induced voltage

Basic circuit
                                           <-- constant current
               |\                   d
  Vref --------|+ \              g |--------- Load ----- Vcc
               |    > -----------| | Q1
            +--|- /                |--+
            |  |/                   s |    transister = n-channel mosfet

This circuit provides an approximatly constant current of Vref/R1

1.A resister (1K) may be required between op-amp output and fet gate to
surpress oscilations.

2. A resister (100K) from the fet gate to ground to insure the fet is
off when power is applied could be useful.

3. Use diff amp to sense load voltage.

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Date: 11 Jun 1996 14:14:29 GMT

Original Subject: Re: Constant Current Source (1-5 mA)

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