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>Hope this does not sound too silly for those of you
>who are not automobile enthusiasts, but...

I saw a number of tips on how to make the sequencer. For drivers I would
suggest SIPMOS fet's from Siemens. A device like the BUZ10 switches 20 Amps
without problems, and causes less powerloss than a mediocre relay. If you
think 20 Amps is way to much, consider the cold resistance of a bulb, which
is much lower. If the output of your sequencer is TTL-compatible you can
drive the BUZ with nothing but a small resistor (47 Ohm or so). Even the
diode you'll see in 'normal' transistor output stages is built into the
fet, but a small R-C network won't do any harm. 0.47uF and 47 Ohm placed
over the load

                  __      |----(load)--- +12V
  to sequencer --|__|----||<+
                  47      |-+---+



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Original Subject: Re: Need basic Light Sequencing circuit

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