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[TXT]F_hvinvert.html2001-09-12 16:58 17KSci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Simple High Voltage Generator Low Voltage DC In, up to 30 KV Out
[TXT]F_jacobs.html2001-09-12 17:03 18KSci.Electronics.Repair FAQ:
[TXT]F_samschem.html2001-09-12 16:58 109KSci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Various Schematics and Diagrams
[IMG]hvgen32.gif2001-09-12 16:59 33K 
[IMG]inverter.gif2001-09-12 17:04 5.6K 
[IMG]strobex.gif2001-09-12 17:02 39K 
[IMG]teeny.gif2001-09-12 17:04 3.1K 
[IMG]vcrps.gif2001-09-12 17:03 23K