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[TXT]bulb1.html2001-11-19 06:01 29KThe Great Internet Light Bulb Book, Part I
[TXT]carbarc.html2001-11-19 06:10 17KCarbon Arcs
[TXT]cf.html2001-11-19 06:03 6.8KCompact Fluorescent Lamp Basics and Pitfalls
[TXT]cfbest.html2001-11-19 06:03 23KCompact Fluorescent Lamp Recommendations
[TXT]contxe.html2001-11-19 05:44 14KContinuously and apparantly continuously operating xenon lamps
[TXT]d2.html2001-11-19 05:33 14KAutomotive Xenon Metal Halide HID Lamps
[TXT]donflash.html2001-11-19 05:46 9.0KDon's Xenon Flash and Strobe Page
[TXT]dschlamp.html2001-11-19 06:02 53KGas Discharge Lamps, Ballasts, and Fixtures
[TXT]dschtech.html2001-11-19 05:34 28KSome Bits of Technical Info on Discharge Lamps
[TXT]f-lamp.html2001-11-19 05:34 95KFluorescent Lamps, Ballasts, and Fixtures
[TXT]F_smpsfaq.html2001-11-19 05:34 137KSci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Switchmode Power Supplies
[TXT]hidexp.html2001-11-19 06:04 11KHID Lamp Electrical Properties for Homebrew Ballast Builders and Experimenters
[   ]irplcfl1.pdf2001-11-19 05:35 117K 
[   ]irpllnr1.pdf2001-11-19 05:37 789K 
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[TXT]minihid.html2001-11-19 05:43 12KMiniature HID Lamps?
[TXT]oddbulb.html2001-11-19 05:33 23KOdd Light Bulbs
[DIR]PlasmaSphere/2008-03-17 05:58 -  
[TXT]plaspher.html2001-11-19 06:04 8.3KPlasma Spheres / Lightning Globes
[TXT]shortarc.html2001-11-19 05:44 20KShort Arc/Compact Source Lamps
[TXT]sillyne2.html2001-11-19 06:10 3.7KNeon Lamp Oscillator and Tricks
[IMG]spectra.gif2001-11-19 05:45 14K 
[TXT]spectra.html2001-11-19 05:44 3.6KVarious Spectra!
[TXT]uvbulb.html2001-11-19 06:03 26KUltraviolet and UV Lamps
[TXT]xea.html2001-11-19 05:45 20KRatings of Some Xenon Flashtubes
[TXT]xebig.html2001-11-19 05:46 12KLarge xenon strobes - parts to get!
[TXT]xeguide.html2001-11-19 05:47 28KGeneral Xenon Flash and Strobe Design Guidelines
[TXT]xeincand.html2001-11-19 05:46 6.7KXenon Incandescent Lamps
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