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This file contains three DOS-compatible programs to aid in active filter design using Burr Brown's UAF42 IC.
This is a *shareware* PC-compatible database of ~16,000 bibliographic references (from over 350 different periodicals) to articles containing practical electronic circuit designs. It unzips to about 3X its size. The database has a front end for searches on titles, device numbers (eg 741, 2N3904, Z80, etc.), and circuit descriptions. The data files are dBASE-compatible, so if you don't like the front end you can use other utilities to extract data.
Unix "compress" for DOS
EMILY is a software simulator for the 8051 and 8052 families of processors. It provides a powerful debugging environment, offering many features.
FAISYN is a low cost, effective alternative to expensive commercial filter synthesis packages. The program has been used to design lumped element filters and diplexers from 10's of KHz to 1.5GHz and is the result of many years experience in filter design. Designers know that filter design is often an iterative process. Tedious number grinding is sometimes required to optimize a design. FAISYN eases the burden by allowing the designer to quickly synthesize a variety of circuits that can be simulated and compared using your favorite circuit simulator (FAISYN currently supports PSPICE-TM Microsim, MMICAD-TM Optotek and TOUCHSTONE-TM HP/EESOF circuit formats). Visit the FaiSyn Web site.
Filter Design System is a synthesis program for electronic filter design using lumped element structures. As such, it will find its greatest application between 1 and 1000 MHz. Below this range, active filters are the usual choice; above it, the filters are usually (though not always) built using distributed components.
GC-PREVUE is CAD/CAM software designed to help you work more efficiently with RS-274 (often called "Gerber") photoplotter and NC drill CAD output data, with a particular emphasis on Printed Circuit Board applications. GC-PREVUE also supports HPGL and Quest (Marconi Emma) plotter formats.
Postscript program to convert HPGL to postscript
Software to convert HPGL to Postscript
Perl scripts to convert HPGL to AutoCAD DXF and SCR files
Preview HPGL plot files on the screen
LASI CAD Circuit layout software, contained in,, and
Schematic capture and PCB layout software, MS-DOS German demo version. Also see CADware's homepage.
This is the PADS-Test Drive Demo/Evaluation for DOS. This shareware release is a fully-functioning design system with a limitation of designing with 30 parts. There are no limitations on saving files, creating designs, or outputting these designs for manufacture. This shareware includes PADS-Logic for schematic capture and PADS-Perform for PCB layout. If you have any questions about product configurations and pricing, please call CADware at (714) 759-6975 or (800) 735-4CAD, or via E-Mail at
This is a freeware DOS package for doing PLL designs supplied by Philipps Semiconductors. It's mainly designed around their 74HCT4046/74HC4046 PLL chips, but it's also useful for analyzing other PLL designs.
Print HPGL plot files on a laser or dot matrix printer

This is the evaluation version of PSPICE 6.0 for DOS and Windows 3.1.

The files are:
  1. - pspice 6.0 DOS disk 1
  2. - pspice 6.0 DOS disk 2
  3. - pspice 6.0 explode disk
  4. - pspice 6.0 Windows disk 1
  5. - pspice 6.0 Windows disk 2
  6. - pspice 6.0 Windows disk 3
Unix "tar" for dos. If this doesn't work, try (Each has problems with certain types of tar files, so one may work where the other doesn't)
Unix "tar" for dos. If this doesn't work, try (Each has problems with certain types of tar files, so one may work where the other doesn't)
Universal Microcontroller simulator
VIEWlogic PRO Series Demo.
A Windows program to calculate the best fit standard 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, and 1% resistors.
This complete XASM package contains cross assemblers for several popular microprocessors, as well as a number of utility programs:
A DOS program to convert a HEX PROM file into logic equations.
XFUNC 2.1 is a IBM PC program for DOS. It is an aid to Electronics Engineer who calculates transfer functions using symbolic algebra. The purpose of the program XFUNC is to compute the frequency domain transfer function of a circuit in symbolic format, given a circuit description netlist in linear model.

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