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A program to help you read the value of those pesky resistors.


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Version History

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Since 1st January, 2001






Get it while its hot! New Version!! Released 11th November 2001

You Will Need Winzip to Decompress These Files.
You can get it at the winzip website by clicking here.

If when you run the program, an error message like "msvb60.dll, missing" appears. You need the Visual Basic 6 runtimes. Simply click the download link below to get them. Once it has downloaded, run the file and the problem should be solved.

If you discover/have any errors/problems. Don't Hesitate to email me at

Version History:

Coming soon: +Find Nearest Neighbour E12 & E24 series Resistor.

v1.4-Current Released 11th November 2001
+Added 4&5 band colours creator.
+Numerous code cleanups.
+Slighty less cpu resource hogging.
+Some small cosmetic alterations.

+Fixed the annoyance of the program not appearing in the taskbar.
+Changed the background colour of the resistor so you could see the yellow bands.
+Other small editations.

+Added 5 band code capability.
+Fixed bug in Abbreviated value that read 10k as 1k.
+Fixed the 9999 Gigaohms overflow bug. (Why did I ever let it go that high 8-]

Initial alpha release, very buggy.