Makoto Mori

Slow Scan TV with Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Soundcard

"MMSSTV is free for Amateur Radio Use"

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(Ver. 1.0 by Andrew - VE1VVV)


Quick Start for MMSSTV Graphics


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What's New in Ver. 1.05

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Oct 1, 2001

MMSSTV105.exe - QSLNet (USA)

MMSSTV105.exe - Sympatico (Canada)

Help Downloads

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Thanks to Eike, DM3ML

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Thanks to Dominique F4BWJ

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Thanks - Jim - W0EB

Help in Czech (Beta ver .22)
Thanks to Libor - OK2ZO

Help in Italian
Tradotto in Italiano da Edoardo Alcolado - I5PAC

Help in Russian   (Beta ver .11)
Thank to Nikolay

Help in Slovenian
Logging utility
Quick start MMSSTV Graphic in slovenian

Thank to Milos - S53X

Help in Spanish
Traducido por Ferran Alegret, EA3DLV

Interfacing Information
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MMSSTV Help -  Online

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(Ver. 1.0 by Andrew - VE1VVV)

Quick Start for MMSSTV Graphics
(by Joe WJ5HM)


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