a QRSS/DFCW viewer
Latest version : Beta 1, build 128



Argo is a viewer for slow CW, like QRSS and DFCW, still in experimental stage.

You can download it from this page. It is freeware for ham and hobbist use.

Beta 1, build 128 features various QRSS modes (3, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90 and 120 sec/dot) reaching a frequency resolution down to 5 mHz (milliHertz).

Serial port and file logging features have been added,
together with a dB indicator of the relative signal strength.

For questions, requests, bug reports, etc.
please contact me

Latest news : Argo has been used for the first Transpacific test
on Long Waves. Click here for screen shots and comments.


Download ARGO beta 1, build 128  
See  the Readme file of build 128