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Where to Obtain Specifications Used
In The Electrostatics Industry


Domestic and International Documents:
Global Engineering Services
15 Inverness Way East
Englewood CO 80112-5776
Tel: 800-854-7179
Fax : 303-397-2740
Web site:
NFPA Specifications:
NFPA Publications
1 Battery March Park,
P.O. Box 9146
Quincy MA 02269
Tel: 800-344-3555
Fax: 617-984-7057
Web site:
All Military Specifications:
Defense Printing Services
700 Robins Avenue
Building 4 Section D
Philadelphia PA 19111-5094
Tel: 215-697-2000
Fax: 215-697-1462 (fax requests accepted)
Web site:
ASTM Specifications:
100 Barr Harbor Drive
West Conshohocken PA 19428
Tel: 610-832-9500
Fax: 610-832-9555
Web site:
Electronic Industries Association:
Engineering Department
(Refer to Global Engineering, above)
Web site:
US Bureau of Mines:
US Bureau of Mines
Cochrans Mill Road, P.O. Box 18070
Pittsburgh PA 18070
Tel: 412-892-6636
Fax: 215-892-6561
ESD Association Specifications:
ESD Association
7900 Turin Road, Building 3
Rome NY 13440-2069
Tel: 315-339-6937
Fax: 315-339-6793
Web site:
BellCore Specifications:
Call 1-800-521-2673


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