Measuring instruments

Product quality, output and yield of manufacturing processes can be improved considerably when problems related to static electricity are identified and dealt with effectively. Electrostatic fieldmeters are appropriate measuring tools to simply identify static electricity problems. SIMCO has two different models: the FMX002 and the SS2X. The FMX002 features a digital readout; the SS2X is an analog electrostatic fieldmeter.

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The FMX002 is a convenient, compact and pocketsized electrostatic fieldmeter. With this fieldmeter you can measure and store the field strength and polarity. It enables you to carry out measurements in awkward places. The correct measuring distance is displayed by two integrated LEDs. The electrically conductive plastic housing with an earth connection fitted at the rear ensures accurate measurements. The unique bicolour display shows the measured value both digitally and graphically. When the 'low bat' message is displayed, you have to replace the battery. This equipment is also suited for carrying out measurements in an ionized airflow.

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The SS2X enables accurate measurements to be carried out. It is equipped with an iris diaphragm to adjust its sensitivity, enabling very low and very high field strengths to be measured. A large easytoread analog scale displays the polarity and intensity of the electrostatic charge simultaneously.

The measured static charge is displayed in volts and kV/m at the same time. The measuring equipment is also fitted with a connection for a small test probe with a 90cm cable for carrying out measurements in awkward places. The battery can be checked by a function knob.


Technical specifications

  FMX002 SS2X
Range 0 + 20kV 0 200kV
Accuracy + 10% + 10%
Distance 25 mm 50 mm or 130 mm
Zero adjustment automatic manuel
Display digital analogue
Memory yes no
Battery 9V alkaline Battery 9V alkaline
Battery Case Conductive ABS plastic Painted steel
Size 65 x 25 x 115 mm 184 x 133 x 127 mm
Weight 130 g 660 g
Accessory Soft carrying case, coil cord for grounding foam cushioned carrying case
Option Adapter for ion balance measurements Remote sensing probe