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WLT Targets Static Elimination


Specialist SIMCO supplier WLT, is introducing a new electrostatic field-meter which is designed for identifying and measuring static electricity.

The new meter is aimed at the growing converting market where demand for even faster manufacturing or printing, is resulting in increased friction generated static.

Pocket sized, the new unit is both simple and easy to use. Key attributes include easy to read LCD display, light weight portability and a ranging light system that ensures accurate and repeatable measurements every time.

Boasting a voltage range of 0 -+ 20kV the unit emits light from two emitting diodes which ensures a clear on-screen reading when the field-meter is in range. The unit has response of just one second and can provide accurate readings over a temperature range of 0 - 40 0C.

Digitally controlled the new FMX-002 has both a measure and hold mode enabling measurements to be made in a wide variety of areas including those difficult to access.

A key feature of the FMX-002 is the ability of the meter to take accurate readings in locations using air ionisation which has been achieved by a redesign of the FMX-002's internal circuitry.

The display is full colour and split into four segments comprising bar graph, voltage, battery check and error along with hold. A built-in clever feature of the display allows it to take readings over the complete +20kV scale range without any adjustment.

Powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery the unit is manufactured in tough ABS plastic. Very reliable, the conductive case and ground snap facilitate grounding to ensure accurate measurement.

Available as an option is a balance adapter, this allows users to check and display the ion balance of the work area and to make any subsequent adjustments accordingly.

WLT director, Mike Essler says: "Traditionally, measuring in air ionisation has been very difficult. Now with the development of the FMX-002, it is possible using the optional balance adapter to take easy and accurate readings."

Background information:

Growth, innovation and success have firmly established WLT as one of the UK's foremost providers of complete static control and packaging solutions.

WLT's proud boast is that it can provide a solution to any packaging or static control issue faced by companies, and it has a wealth of experience with customers large and small to justify this claim.

The company distributes an extensive range of packaging machines, these include BVM, Hagemann and SAM as well as KöRa-Packmat. Anti-static equipment and products are available via WLT's distributorship of the SIMCO range.

Customers of WLT enjoy the security and confidence that comes from dealing with a single, highly responsive and totally committed source - supplying solutions from concept to completion and using a wide range of complementary products.

Mike Essler, Director, WLT Ltd, 250 Thornton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 2LB
Telephone (01274) 220300 or Fax (01274) 308953

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