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Device MC14536B
Programmable Timer

Data Sheet MC14536B/D - 158.0 (kb)


Orderable Parts

The MC14536B programmable timer is a 24-stage binary ripple counter with 16 stages selectable by a binary code. Provisions for an on-chip RC oscillator or an external clock are provided. An on-chip monostable circuit incorporating a pulse-type output has been included. By selecting the appropriate counter stage in conjunction with the appropriate input clock frequency, a variety of timing can be achieved.

  • 24 Flip-Flop Stages - Will Count From 20 to 224
  • Last 16 Stages Selectable By Four-Bit Select Code
  • 8-Bypass Input Allows Bypassing of First Eight Stages
  • Set and Reset Inputs
  • Clock Inhibit and Oscillator Inhibit Inputs
  • On-Chip RC Oscillator Provisions
  • On-Chip Monostable Output Provisions
  • Clock Conditioning Circuit Permits Operation With Very Long Rise and Fall Times
  • Test Mode Allows Fast Test Sequence
  • Supply Voltage Range = 3.0 Vdc to 18 Vdc
  • Capable of Driving Two Low-power TTL Loads or One Low-power Schottky TTL Load Over the Rated Temperature Range

Orderable Parts

Action Orderable Part Short Desc Package Description Pin Count Case Outline Status Budgetary
Pack Qty
Buy Now MC14536BCP Programmable Timer PDIP 16 648-08 Active $0.453 500
Buy Now MC14536BDW Programmable Timer SOIC 16 751G-03 Active $0.453 47
Buy Now MC14536BDWR2 Tape and Reel SOIC 16 751G-03 Active $0.453 1,000
N/A MC14536BF Programmable Timer MFP 16 966-01 Active $0.453 50
N/A MC14536BFEL Tape and Reel MFP 16 966-01 Active $0.453 50
N/A MC14536BFL1 Tape and Reel MFP 16 966-01 Last Shipments    
N/A MC14536BFL2 Tape and Reel MFP 16 966-01 Last Shipments    

Document Title Document ID Rev
IBIS Model for MC14536BCP MC14536BCP.IBS - 5.0KB 0
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