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The Treasure Psychic

DEAR PSYCHIC: I have located several Gold targets on my property with an MD. Is there
really anything there worth digging? RUEBEN - Seattle, WA

RUEBEN, according to the plat map you sent it appears that you have a number of buried Gold
deposits and other artifacts on your property and extending under the street and across an
adjoining property. I believe this treasure was brought from another country. possibly England
and buried on these properties circa 1502 AD. Some of the Gold appears to be in containers
made from Sandstone. This treasure is buried at a depth of 13 feet to 15 feet and could be
expensive to recover. Unless you are experienced in the recovery and preservation of artifacts I
would suggest acquiring the services of an archaeologist. In addition to the Gold your site
includes other items that may have significance to the history of your area. Congratulations on
your find!

DEAR PSYCHIC: We are searching in the "ROYAL TREAK' in Panama. The Treak was used
by the Spaniards to send the Gold and Silver from Peru to Spain during the 1600's. The place we
have marked on the maps is near the stream of a river. We walked for nearly 4 mile before we
got a response with a Locator Rod, then we set up an MFD and got strong signals on Silver that
crosses in the middle off our trees. The question is, do we need to take other measures? If so,
what? How do we confirm there is anything under the roots of the four trees? What techniques
can we use? I would appreciate your answer before we dig. GARCIA - Republica De Panama

GARCIA, I do not wish to suggest to you what recovery techniques or equipment you should
use. For this information you should consult with a professional in that industry. I can only offer
an opinion of what may be at your site. It is for you to decide if the potential rewards of the site
warrant any problems and expense of recovery. From the elaborate and detailed sketch you sent
of the site I see some buried deposits of Silver on the other side of your marked target. Your
target appears to be a group of Pewter (Silver alloyed) plates scattered across the target area at
approximately 14 feet to 16 feet deep. I believe you may find many, and better deposits of buried
Gold and Silver if you go to the other side of the stream and search on the East side of the trail.
Good Luck!

DEAR PSYCHIC: We are getting some readings of Gold and Silver with our new MFD on a
friends property near the Peace River in Florida. Can you tell from the aerial map I've enclosed
if there is anything there worth pursuing? ADAM - North Miami, Florida

ADAM, I believe you have hit the JACKPOT! I see this site as an old Pirate encampment. A
Pirate headquarters where circa 1787 they dug many chambers and buried the select finest of
their booty of Gold and some Silver and Jewels in an elaborate widespread pattern encompassing
several acres. There are small cannons, cannon balls, gunpowder and other artifacts of historical
and archaeological significance buried at depths of 20 feet to 24 feet. Also, either in the water or
on the banks of a creek leading off the river there appears to be many chests of Silver coins. 1
hope you will keep me informed if you decide to pursue this site. Thank you!

DEAR PSYCHIC: I recently purchased on MFD and learned very quickly of it's potential. My
wile has buried Gold & Silver in the yard and I have been able to find it. My first rime in the field
I followed a signal for 300feet and dug down 18 inches and found a piece of Silver. I have a
location Pt which I am getting a reading of Copper and Silver at the same place. I have dug to a
depth of 6 1/2 feet and can't find anything. Is there anything where I am digging' I admit I am
skeptical. I do not understand how you can possibly tell me what is under the ground just by
looking at my hand drawn sketch but I am curious what your answer will be. GREG- New

GREG, psychic locating of treasure is not a perfect science and I may be wrong as many times
as I am right but when the information has been correct or close it has saved searchers much time
and money in their quest for Treasure and is a helpful insight as to what may be there. This can
be a useful tool if it coincides with research or evidence found at a site The only way I know if
there is any accuracy in the advice I give is when the Treasure Seeker informs me of evidence
they found that supported my information. In future issues I will inform the readers of any finds
or progress as it is reported to me. You may be able to test my accuracy by checking for Lead in
the hole you are excavating. I think there may be a few Copper coins scattered in the hole at a
depth of 7 feet to 8 feet and the Silver you are detecting appears to be alloyed with Lead. What is
interesting to me is that I see about 35 deposits of miscellaneous Gold objects and a couple of
small Brass Signal Cannons in a Lead container within two hundred yards of where you show
your instrument set up. I'm wondering why you didn't get any more readings in that area. These
Treasures were buried circa 1828 and are 12 feet to 15 feet deep. The second location you went
to shows an even greater Treasure of Spanish Gold & Silver bars and coins. The cumulative
deposits could add up to over 3000 lbs. The date of burial was circa 1717 and the deposits are
presently buried 11 feet to 16 feet deep. It's a bit too much to comprehend that you would select
t these two particular locations by chance. Greg, either I am completely wrong about these sites or
you are psychic. Let me know if you find anything.

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