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The Treasure Psychic

DEAR PSYCHIC: We have spent many weeks digging to a depth of 27 feet in a room inside an
old Adobe building and cannot find anything although we are sure there is Treasure here. We
are digging with shovels and use candles to see in the darkness. When we dug to 23 feet we run
into water. Each day it takes four hours to dip the water and mud from the hole so we can begin
digging again. We have a new MFD and a deep seeking metal detector Can you help? FRED -
Central America

FRED, I admire your determination to find Treasure but I don' t think you will find any where
you are digging. Outside under the back yard are some sizable deposits of Silver Bars 19 feet to
22 feet deep. Beneath the rear door and under the Adobe wall there appear to be a number of
small Gold Bars systematically placed in an upright position in rows with a small Gold Statue at
the left end looking from the outside of the building toward the wall. The Gold Bars under the
doorway are buried at different depths. 9 feet to 12 feet and 20 feet to 24 feet. At the lower depth
there seems to be a rock with some man made marks or markings near the center. I believe the
people that buried this Gold may have drilled holes in the rock, inserted a bar in each hole and
cemented over the hole so the surface of the rock will not show any signs of the Treasure it
contains. This Treasure was buried during the 1600's. You have an interesting project. I was
fascinated by the antics of the apparition that accompanied your excavation. I hope you will keep
me posted on your progress.

DEAR PSYCHIC: I began using an MFD long range locator several years ago and have
recovered some nice deposits of very high quality Aquamarine and Emerald. I have cut and
polished a number of these these beautiful stones and they are now for sale if you know anyone that
might be interested I go up on week ends to work my property that is adjacent to some Emerald
mine property that will be going up for Auction. Can you tell me if this property has enough good
mineral deposits on it for me to submit a bid. enclosed is an auction sales map. I am particularly
interested in deposits of Hiddenite. CRAIG - North Carolina

CRAIG, I'11 pass the word along about the Emeralds you have for sale. I don't see any
substantial mineral deposits on the property that you are interested in. My bet would be on lot #5
as having the best deposit in the area at a depth of 30 feet. Thanks for sharing the information
about your finds.


DEAR PSYCHIC: I have a problem! We hare dug a hole to 14 feet where the MFD showed a
Gold target but we haven't found any Cold and we are in water. What should we do? At 13 feet
we found some wood. It looks like an old boat. We found some pieces that looked like metal and
the beads of a necklace like the Indians would wear around their neck One has a little bit of
paint on it. I will send you some of the wood and some of the beads so you can see.
RUEBEN -Seattle WA

RUEBEN, even though you haven't found Gold yet you have found a wonderful Treasure. Any
Treasure seeker or Archaeologist would love to find remnants of civilization at that depth on
their first attempt. These are very exciting finds. I received the four beads and 1 am grateful. They
are very old and could very well fit into the time frame I mentioned. The craftsmanship could
also be applied to the early Indians of the Northwest. Three of the beads are about one inch long
cut from a tree branch. The fourth bead was very intriguing as it is carved from Sandstone, the
same material that I believe the containers that hold the Gold are made from. Thank you for
sharing this information with us.


DEAR PSYCHIC: Thanks for your help we would not have had any idea of what we had
found without it. I can't tell you at this time all the details because we are still negotiating an
agreement but the results of exploratory excavations were both interesting and promising. To
your credit the MFD readings were only about 30 feet from the location you designated on our
aerial. Using a tractor backhoe we found a four inch layer of badly oxidised iron at a depth a
three feet. At six feet we encountered a high quality white clay and continued to excavate to a
depth of eight feet. It is very unusual for clay to be in this part of Florida. Water was pouring
into the hole so we decided to shut down and bring in a track hoe to save time. The big machine
dug quite fast and we noticed that where we were digging the clay was moist but we weren't
digging into water but the ground water above the clay was running into the hole as we dug. At
nine feet we found some wood and at eleven feet through fifteen feet we went through a layer of
Green clay then back to white. At sixteen feet the bucket was scraping along a hardpan bottom
and two huge balls of hand clay about 3 feet in diameter were pulled off the bottom. Then the
bucket dropped into a hole in the hardpan exactly where we were getting the Gold reading. The
hole was only slightly larger than the back-hoe bucket but we dug down about four feet into the
hole and suddenly the water began running out the bottom of the hole like a big bathtub drain. At
least 3000 gallons ran out before it began filling with water again There's definitely a large
cavity in that solid clay. We pumped the water out of the hole to discver that the hard pan
bottom is actually a hard dry white clay and there was a rectangular hole 3 feet by 4 feet that
had been neatly cut into the bottom with a plugged up entrance to the chamber to the side of the
cut and it was about five feet high. End of story until later ADAM - North Miami, Florida

ADAM, at the time that this Treasure was buried the surface of the ground was clay. The Pirates
selected this location especially for this reason because they knew clay was a great protector and
water wouldn't permeate the clay and valuables would be preserved forever. There has been a
build up of 6 feet to 8 feet of overburden since the time the Treasure was buried. I look forward to hearing more of your ventures.


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