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The Psychic Treasure Hunter

Ever been interested in dowsing of Long Range Metal Detecting? This weeks feature is a number of articles I obtained from an anonymous source. Read on and judge for yourself.

Volume I

DEAR PSYCHIC: I am confident that I have discovered the key phrase and with it I
have deciphered the
BEALE CODES. I have also written a movie script on the subject
with hopes of selling the story to obtain the necessary financing to make the recovery. I
am not a Treasure Hunter and I am 83 years old. I am looking for help to prove (or
disprove) my findings. The
first BEALE CODE gives directions to the burial vaults. My
question is, do you have any psychic impressions of the BEALE TREASURE being buried
at the location that I have designated on the enclosed map? This location is confidential
but I would like to hear from others that have an opinion on this subject. HARRY - 2000
E. Hillcrest Street, Apt.#1112, Orlando, FL 32803

HARRY, You have my report and you can be assured that I am a person of integrity and
will not disclose information that is given to me in confidence. However because of the
interest in the
BEALE CODES I am offering the readers an opinion from what I perceive
that may be added to the many other speculative opinions First I scanned the maps of
Bedford county, Virginia and although there indicated at least two major troves in the
area to my dismay I could NOT find any buried Treasure that was associated with the
name Thomas Beale or Thomas Jefferson Beale. This prompted me to do some research
on the subject. I read several articles in which the authors had noted what they believed to
be fallacies and inconsistencies in the BEALE STORY. In a well written article in an old
TREASURE MAGAZINE author RICHARD RAY who stated 14 years research into the
BEALE PAPERS concluded that the BEALE TREASURE was actually Treasure
smuggled out of Louisiana by JEAN LaFITTE and transported to Bedford County ,
Virginia. Richard Ray elaborates on his research and provides logical reasons for this
transfer of wealth along with the possible trails and method of transport. His conclusions
may be reinforced by the writings in "THE JOURNAL OF JEAN LaFITTE" published by
Dogwood Press in Woodville, Texas.

I returned to the maps and began scanning for Treasure Troves associated with Jean
LaFitte. There were over a dozen related to LaFitte with deposits along the Trail to Roanoke extending three miles Southwest of Montvale. There are deposits along the North Fork of Goose Creek extending three miles Northeast of Montvale and deposits along the South Fork of Goose Creek in the vacinity of oil tanks. I have the impression that one chest of Gold Spanish Coins has been recovered within the last ten years. Three of the troves mentioned appear to contain in excess of 1000 pounds of Gold.

HARRY, one of the major deposits is right in the vicinity of where you indicated that
your deciphered code information led you. I believe you have the location of one of the
LaFitte Treasures. Not that it should matter, but in all honesty I cannot associate this with
the so called "BEALE TREASURE". I do NOT SEE this Treasure as being in a cave or
vault nor does it meet the description of the treasure as described in the code as it is
presently translated.

CONCLUSION: I don't wish to be so vain as to offer any definite conclusion based on
the limited information that I have so I can only offer an opinion which perhaps, may
entice the Seeker to view the BEALE Codes in a different perspective.

I would assume that with JEAN LaFITTE's close relation with THOMAS JEFFERSON
in nearby Monticello, Virginia that LaFitte would have many loyal men from that area
working for him in Louisiana. It seems logical that to smuggle a large quantity of
Treasure out of Louisiana would require months of secret planning and testing the route
of travel before it was transported and that it was shipped at various intervals in small
caravans so as to avoid suspicion. I believe that LaFitte did set aside a specific amount of
Treasure for each of his loyal men and arranged for it to be waiting as a retirement for
them and their families when they returned to Virginia. The coded messages may have
been left as a "back up" in the event the members who knew the treasure location were
unable to return home. I believe they did make it back and recovered their allotted shares
rendering the coded messages useless even if they were deciphered. I believe that LaFitte
did escape Louisiana, faked his own death, moved to the East, changed his name, married
a beautiful lady, had children and used some of his wealth to become a prominent
investor in many successful business ventures that added to his fortune therefore leaving
another fortune in Gold , Silver and Jewels in Bedford County, Virginia awaiting to be
found by another lucky Treasure Seeker. I hope it will be you!

Treasure Psychic Volume II

Treasure Psychic Volume III

Treasure Psychic Volume IV

That's it for this week, talk to you in the Chat Room!

The chat area will be open every night from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. EST. You can go here to find a schedule of chat events and join in. If no one is there when you get there go to the Bulletin Board and post a message telling when you will be in chat and ask people to meet you, it will take a while to get this built up. I will be there each Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. EST. and Sunday at 11:00 A.M. EST.

Till Then,

See Ya,


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