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The Long Range Locator (LRL) is a device which has it's roots in dowsing and, in fact, is considered to utilize dowsing by a great many of its advocates. It is my opinion, and is also the opinion of most of science and anyone who has ever seriously investigated these devices, that the current crop of LRLs simply do not work. Besides the normal scientific tests that show this to be true, the most compelling evidence is the fact that treasure hunters who rely on LRLs are making the least recoveries of anyone.

So why do I have a section dedicated to LRLs? Because I believe it is important for anyone who is considering the use of these devices to have as much information as possible. I have also provided instructions on how to build your own LRL so that you can avoid the exorbitant prices charged by many dealers. Because the LRL involves responses that are highly subjective and easily influenced by suggestion, it is important to understand how to properly test these devices and to understand the results of those tests. In that respect, I have included a number of resources that involve testing, including a double-blind test that I developed specifically for LRLs.

Finally, there are links to many other dowsing and LRL related sites, both pro and con. Again, it is important to completely understand exactly how the LRL works, or appears to work, and I urge the reader to ingest as much of the material as possible before spending any significant amount of time or money on these devices.

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Projects and Tests

Building LRLs
Build an MFD
A Double-Blind Test for LRLs
Statistics Calculator

Inside the VR-800


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The Question of Dowsing
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Kassel Dowsing Test
GTZ Dowsing Experiment
Testing Dowsing
The Quadro Tracker
The DKL Lifeguard

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