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Pictured above is an LDL operating in the High Frequency (HF) band. This type of configuration is used more for triangulation than anything else, and does a beautiful job of triangulating. Triangulation requires good binoculars, with a digital compass, and one-degree resolution. Thortech has binoculars with digitals compass available.

A word about triangulation, a Gold or Silver cache has to exist to use triangulation. A digital compass and a GPS receiver are essential for success. Topographical maps are also useful in showing what type of terrain i.e. river, canyon, swamp or open body of water, will be encountered recovering a cache. GPS receivers are the handiest tools for treasure cache hunting & recovery, ever invented, besides an LDL device.

Triangulation requires practice and it would be futile to go cache hunting without knowing how to triangulate, using LDL type of equipment. The combination of an LDL device, binoculars, with a digital compass and a GPS receiver are a difficult combination to beat, and recommended by the Meisterhunter.

Warning: The transmitters used in these devices are illegal to use and operate in Canada, the U. S. and most other countries. In some countries illegal transmission, are detected with surveillance satellites; however, if used for a limited time and location moved frequently. It's more of an annoyance, and not cost effective for Governments agencies to become involved. "The frequencies used, are allocated to Military and government agencies." All of our transmitters, are designed to be used, with limited power, directional antenna aimed in a downward position to avoid detection. A limited number of these devices have been used in North America for the past decade, with no problems. These devices are sold for educational and experimental purposes only; therefore, use at your own risk.

The Thortech transmitter is pictured in the lower of the three pictures in the white case. This particular device is configured primarily for triangulation and uses a High Frequency (HF,) Transceiver. Depending on the use if the antenna is in resonate, with the transmit frequency there is no need for an antenna tuner. A directional antenna is available on special order. The antenna is rather large, and custom made, for the particular application. The LDL Transmitter is the most economical of the Thortech Long Distance Locators. There are many options in configuring an LDL Transmitter and the one pictured is for promotional purposes. Also, pictured in the white case is the companion receiver, that is part of the LDL receiver.