Treasure Hunting FAQ

Every adventureous individual dream of going on a treasure hunt and finding enormous amounts of gold, jewels or precious artifacts. These treasures and more are waiting out there somewhere, to be discovered. Admittedly, some of the stories that we have heard about ... could just be a treasure myth ... or is it a myth. We don't know for sure unless we do an extensive research into the past and obtain documents that prove the treasure exists. Armed with these documents we go in search of the lost treasure. With todays high-tech equipment, one's chances are increased in finding that lost treasure.

Q: How are you able to transport a target to you?

A: By using the device and in communication and coordination with "our friends," any suspected target can be transported to our location for mapping and depth measurements. We have proven this to a lifelong devoted treasure hunter who verified all of our findings.

Q: How are you able to accomplish what you say you can do in a short time and how do you know that what you did was accurate?

A: At first, it was by trial and error because we didn't understand what the device was telling us. In time, and with lots of practice, we have developed what we believe to be 99.9% accuracy.

Q: What kind of device do you use, what name brand, how much does it cost and is it available to purchase?

A: We use two types of dowsing devices in everything we do (including the paranormal). The device is but a means to communicate with "our friends" in the performance of our tasks. A device can be made from "coat hanger" but the focus is ... to believe in what you are doing, practice-practice-practice, and be comfortable with developing your own group of "friends" to assist you. (Click on device link above for more information about our device).

Q: Can you locate targets under water?

A: Yes, targets can be located under all kinds of surfaces, including fresh or salt water.

Q: How can you locate a target from a photograph or video?

A: Through practice with the device and communication with "our friends," we are able to scan photographs and video recordings in "realtime" for potential targets of any type (whether it be of precious metals or artifacts). Again, we have proven this to a lifelong devoted treasure hunter who showed us a video of his project currently underway. Within minutes of scanning sections of the video on the television screen, we located gold caches and air vents, that he knew were there. He could not believe what we were doing and he was witnessing. "I knew that was where I had gone in to the chamber and saw the gold bars stacked, and panicked when I saw all those skeletons and bones." He said.

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