Electronic Dowsing rods

Electronic dowsing rods are "L" rods, with a static charge, placed on the rods by different means. Dowsing is difficult to explain away; however, when an "L" rod has a static charge placed on the rod, it will respond differently. Not enough information is available at this time to go on record as stating static charged rods work.

Manufactured rods have a so-called "Witness or bait chamber," usually filled with a loadstone type of material which is magnetically charged, this places a static charge on the "L" rods. The purpose of the Witness chamber is where a sample of whatever you're looking for is placed. This is supposed to keep a dowser mind focused on gold or silver or whatever. The author conducted experiments several years ago in building elaborate dowsing rods, where the electrical energy from the body would place a static charge on the rod.

One rod comes to mind the author built, with several switches where different charges could be placed on the rod. One switch could make the rod neutral charged, while other switched could make one end of the rod with a sixty percent negative or positive charge, and vice versa. Another experiment was conducted by charging up capacitors with high voltage to increase the static charge, the author couldn't tell any difference, from a rod with a simple static charge. Some manufactures will have an elaborate blue box with as many as four "AA" battery cells. This placed a static charge on the rod and make a pilot light burn for a price of six hundred dollars. A treasure hunter brought the rod, felt embarrassed and sent the rod to the author, for experimenting.

The manufactures of the so-called "MFD," type of equipment, don't want you to know their rods are static charged. There is an exception to this. When the ground is charged from an electronic type of signal generating device, dowsing rods seem to respond to a signal up to three hundred feet from the device. It's possible to follow an electronic generated signal for close to one kilometer with fifty percent success, and this is the author's personal opinion.

The ultimate goal is developing Long Range Locating and Long Distance Equipment, using a receiver to follow the electronic signal. The difference between a LRL and LDL, is LDL generates radio frequencies signal. It's extremely difficult to build a receiver to follow the signal and only possible using several transmitting antennas. Another objective is to keep the equipment light and portable as possible. The public or any government does not welcome treasures hunters. The majority of treasure hunting is conducted in a covert clandestine manner for the above reasons.

Prior to banking becoming an accepted practice, the world has an abundance of buried treasures, lost in time. The majority of treasures are recover by accidentally finding the cache. It's only a matter of time until the governments get involved in recovering, "Lost in Time," treasures. Satellites with remote sensing are becoming more sophisticated every day and the author isn't so sure if the technology doesn't already exist.

The author knows of one cache, with the key to the general area of the cache location being an old trail. Trails followed the natural contour of the land, and no one can find the remnants of the old trail. However from looking at a topographical map, the old trail stood out like a sore thumb, the trail had been replaced by a railroad in the early 1900s'.

One neo-treasure hunter spent over ten thousand dollars in purchasing equipment to find this cache. One piece of equipment was a three thousand dollar dowsing rod, encased in polymer type of rubberized plastic material. The entrepreneur marketer that sold the dowsing rod had the rods on sale for three hundred dollars a few months back. The neo-treasure hunter has visited the area of the cache more times than any other hunters, driving two hundred miles round trip to look for the cache. The railroad has become a metaphor for the old trail, and only someone with an open, objective mind, is going to recover the cache of gold coins.

Dowsing rods continue to be used by well meaning, wishful thinking, cache hunters. There is an old cliché to find caches, research, research and more research, same as successful automobile dealerships locations.

Prepared by the Meisterhunter