About Dowsing

Although most commonly associated with finding water, dowsing is widely used for other purposes including:

and seems to be limited only by the dowser's imagination.

The Society produces a quarterly Journal, has a lending and reference library for members in the U.K., maintains a register of practising dowsers in the U.K. and overseas and offers a free public information service to deal with enquiries from all who may require the services of a professional dowser in any field.

How does dowsing work?

Although many theories have been put forward over the years, there is, as yet, no satisfactory scientific explanation of the dowsing reaction. It is associated with changes in brain rhythms and muscular reponses and most dowsers use some form of instrument, such as a rod or pendulum, to amplify their responses.

Can anyone dowse?

Basically we think the answer is yes. A few people do find difficulty in obtaining responses, while at the other end of the spectrum lie the very gifted dowsers. Most of us can develop the art through practice and perseverance.

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