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The Symbol of Ptah, the Mark of Vishnu, the Seal of Solomon, the Sign of the Heart Chakra - they are all the same:
A pink triangle of Spiritual Love and a green triangle of Physical Love intermingled
- the joining of Heaven and Earth, of Spirit and Soul, of Mind and Matter....
It is the Logo of our Society.
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To encourage and support the development and Holistic usage for good purposes of Intuition, including to work intuitively with metaphysical and other energies to identify and overcome problems with the health and well being of all creation.

To help individuals to develop and improve their access to Intuition by the use of Intuition Technology including the use of skills and tools associated with Dowsing, Divination, Radiesthesia, Radionics, and Shamanic Healing.

To promote the Society and public awareness, education, appreciation, and acceptance of Holistic Intuition and Intuition Technology.

To facilitate common endeavours, encourage high ethical standards, and provide assistance to societies, groups, and individuals that support these objectives.

Intuition Technology
- Dowsing is 'IT' !

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Intuition Technology (aka Dowsing) is the linking of the Intuitive part of the Mind / Brain team with the nervous / muscular system to give signals without interference by the logical thinking process. Tools are often used to amplify these signals, similar to the way a loudspeaker amplifies the sounds sent to it.

Our philosophy is to help all who wish to develop their Intuitive abilities. We encourage the use of Intuition Technology to help others, especially in healing various forms of ill-ness and dis-ease. The ability of our Minds to create and manifest good is usually unrecognized by most people.

As Winston Churchill said "All people are offered help by their Intuition, but most pick themselves up and escape as fast as possible ! ".

Many claim that because Dowsing cannot be proven scientifically it cannot be accepted as genuine. But that is like trying to prove scientifically that Angels exist. We accept it as a technology, a skill that we can use to gain help from the "Force for Good", and we concentrate on learning to use our abilities more effectively.

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Intuition and Love

Ptah was an Egyptian King-God. Much of the early part of the bible was based on stories the Israelites learnt from the Egyptians - and Ptah has been kept in our languages as Pater or Father, as Path or His Way....

Horus, the first Man, ‘ was given gifts of Intuition and Love, that he might walk towards Heaven and his Father, and never lose his Way ’.

All of us have been given these gifts of Intuition and Love - but some do not know how to access them.

Perhaps our Mind / Brain teams are like radio tranceivers, able to communicate with ‘Above’, to send out prayers and listen to replies.  Even if a radio is ‘on’ we cannot hear the words or music unless we have wires leading to a loudspeaker.

In Dowsing, we tune our minds to a particular matter, use our nervous / muscular system as the wires, and have a Dowsing tool as the loudspeaker to help us ‘hear’ (or see) the message.  And since we can think, we can program this system like a computer to define the signals to be used and their meanings.

Men use branches to find water, and bent wires to locate pipes; ladies often hang a needle on a cotton thread to ask about the sex of an unborn child.

These are all examples of ‘Intuition Technology’ (and Dowsing is ‘IT’ !) but there are many more ways in which we can use our Intuition to improve our lives and help others.

A most important use is to locate noxious and geopathic zones - which cause cancer, arthritis, sudden death syndrome in babies, and problems such as poor performance at school and at work.  This has been studied extensively in Central Europe, but is almost unknown in North America.

Dowsing on health charts can indicate the cause of illness, and indicate measures needed to be taken - even pointing to the vitamins, etc, required and showing the correct strengths and dosages.

And Dowsing can find lost articles and people, and guide us to make correct decisions on many matters !

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Our Organization

The by-laws of the society can be veiwed on our "By-Laws" web page and at our Chapters and Group meetings.

We have a central ‘head office’ with an Excutive Secretary to oversee all operations, and a Finance Committee to prepare budgets, to see expenditures are correctly approved, and sign cheques and documents.

You join as an ‘Individual Member’ and get a copy of the Journal, and others in your family (partner, all children under 21) get ‘Associate Member’ status (reduced fees at meetings, but not having a vote).

Individual Members belong to a local Chapter or to the special ‘At Large’ Chapter.

The President is elected by all Individual Members to ensure that the head office runs the Society correctly.

All Chapters, having at least 6 Individual Members, elect their own Boards of Management who nominate their quota of Directors to run the Society. Leaders of Groups (2 or more Individual Members, future Chapters) act as advisors to the Board of Directors.

We have a special Club Membership for clubs at educational establishments and seniors organizations - Chapters and Individual Members are requested to help these Clubs, a source of additional members !

Such club memberships get 2 copies of the journal, paying twice the Individual Membership fee, but have no voting rights except to jointly elect one Director.

Our Web pages have details of Chapters, Groups, and Clubs (contacts, meetings);  notices of conventions, courses, and workshops;  links to other Societies and interesting sites;  a voluntary list of members (including details of services offered);  and  bylaws.

The Internet will be the main means of communicating - between members and Directors;  so you can play your part in running the Society no matter where you live.  Join the email list to ‘chat’ !

The Society produces a quarterly journal, sent free to all Individual Members - send our Editor your articles.

Each year we will have a major convention, bringing outstanding speakers from distant places who have new approaches and experiences to tell, and our own specialists in various fields to share their knowledge. And we will promote courses and workshops to help all to improve their skills in particular aspects.

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Membership in the Society

The fees for an Individual Member are now $30 per 12 months, renewable in the same month each year. Non payment of renewal fees causes immediate suspension of all priveleges until all past due fees are paid.

These fees are set by the Directors, and the bylaws proscribe how they are spent:
     $ 5 to the local chapter.
     $25 to the Society:
            not more than 50% for the journal: $12.50
            not more than 20% for overheads:  $ 5.00
            all the rest for promotion, education, and assistance to chapters, groups, and clubs; all profits from conventions (except a prudent reserve) also goes to this promotion fund.

It is expected that all courses and workshops will make a small profit, also to be allocated to this promotion fund.

The fees for meetings, conventions, courses, and workshops will be reduced for our members, and it is hoped that this reduction will be extended to events arranged by other Societies having similar objectives on a reciprocal basis.

Your membership application must include $30 to cover the fees as above, and submission of your application implies acceptance of all the by-laws, rules, and regulations of the Society.

Members may not use membership of the Society as a promotion for services rendered.

All membership lists that are distributed to Directors and to Chapters and Groups are confidential, not to be used for commercial purposes.  However the Society may send out suitable promotional material by arrangement.

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