It's Not the Size That Counts
It has come to our attention that the market sometimes confuses quantity with quality. Since our primary concern has always been with the latter, it may be instructive to point out some basic distinctions among the ground tester models. It is an error to equate the physical dimensions of a ground tester with its level of competition. Yet some users frequently do.

A brief outline of the developmental history of the line will help focus the origin of the common confusion. Traditional ground testers generally operated at higher test voltages and currents than are required by up-to-date electronics. There is nothing "wrong with" this, and indeed, thousands of old-style Megger, Null Balance Earth Testers are still in operation. One day, they will have to be replaced.

But AVO has regularly upgraded its models in order to take full benefit from advances in electronics. Ongoing development has produced improvements primarily in convenience and dependability (digital displays and indicators, noise protection, one-button operation, safety, and portability) while retaining the basic operational schematic that conforms to the prevailing IEEE standard for ground testing. A cursory glance at an instrument or spec sheet can result in a mixed metaphor, confusing a medium-grade competitive model with the top-of-the-line Megger DET2/2 (Catalog No. 250202)..
Full utilization of electronic componentry has enabled AVO International to design the compact DET5/4 Series models as the all-purpose core products. These units are small, lightweight, and portable. They can be effortlessly carried around a job site all day, facilitated by a convenient handle that is molded to the case. They offer all the capabilities of competitive core products, plus some features (enhanced noise protection, "lazy spike" testing) that no one else does. But because of their small size, users tend to confuse them with "economy" models. Much of their competition comes in the form of older-style bulky units which users readily confuse with our "high-ticket" DET2/2. Don't make this mistake!

The DET2/2 is physically larger because it offers more! Features include industry-best 40 V peak-to-peak noise protection, a filter to integrate "dancing" digits, high test current to improve signal-to-noise ratio, and adjustable test frequency, plus an extra digit (0.001 above 0.010 W) of resolution. The DET2/2 is a stand-alone model, without peer on the market.