40 V Noise Reduction Offered in Megger® Ground Testers

The DET5/4R, DET5/4D and DET62D Digital Ground Testers feature a full 40 V peak-to-peak of noise rejection previously available in only the top-of-line DET2/2. The DET2/2 still has uniquely special advantages for dealing with difficult testing situations, including adjustable test frequency, high and low test current, and filter.

The valuable 40 V rejection feature, previously found nowhere but in the DET2/2, is available in combination with all of the less expensive model's familiar features. The DET5/4D differs only in substituting 6 throwaway AA batteries in place of the sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery in the DET5/4R. Both the DET5/4D and DET5/4R are recommended on larger, more complex grounding systems where the expected ground resistance is 10 ohms or less. Typical applications include:

But Megger did not stop by adding the 40 V rejection feature to the DET5/4 series. The new DET62D now offers this same feature in an economical three-terminal model is sufficient when testing simple ground systems where the expected resistance is approximately 25 ohms. Typical applications include: