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[TXT]CAP.TXT1996-11-26 20:30 2.2K 
[TXT]DIODEF~1.HTM1996-11-26 19:25 65KThe Unusual Diode FAQ
[TXT]FOBS_I~1.HTM1996-11-26 19:05 14KSci.Electronics FAQ: Repair: Sources for Obsolete ICs
[TXT]FPINOU~1.HTM1996-11-26 19:07 24KSci.Electronics FAQ: Repair: Pinouts FAQ
[TXT]FPINOU~2.HTM1996-11-26 19:09 28KSci.Electronics FAQ: Repair: Pinouts FAQ
[TXT]FSMDTR~1.HTM1996-11-26 19:16 FAQ: SMD Transistors/Diode cross-ref
[TXT]FVCRHY~1.HTM1996-11-26 19:17 14KSci.Electronics Faq: Repair: VCR Hybrid PSes
[TXT]LASERDIO.TXT1995-08-05 16:23 9.3K 
[TXT]LCD_FAQ.HTM1996-08-12 04:07 51KLCD Frequently Asked Questions
[TXT]TRANSI~1.HTM1996-11-26 20:30 5.0K