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Was the Ark of the Covenant, the golden box of the Old Testament, constructed at the Foot of Mount Sinai by Moses really a electrical device?

I would like to point out that in attempting to explain some of the powers concerning the Ark of the Covenant I am NOT dismissing the power of G-d. I am a religious person, who believes in G-d. Even if some of the powers exhibited by the Ark, or any other religious artifact can be described as scientific and not supernatural in origin then the mystery is not solved. I cannot explain the Ark communicating the work of G-d to Moses but I can put forward a theory concerning some of the other "powers" of the Ark, the lightning, the glowing, the levitiation etc.

The Ark of the Covenant was a box of Shittim (Acasia) wood, layered inside and outside with pure gold. It was crowned with a golden lid, or 'Mercy seat'. Sat astride the mercy seat, two golden cherubim face inwards, extending their wings forward and outwards, sheltering the Ark. This is the description of the Ark of the Covenant, taken from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 25. It describes the construction of one of the most sacred and powerful object in the Old Testament, capable of not only parting rivers, destroying cities, levatating and striking people dead but actually being a means of communication with G-d.

But was the Ark of the Covenant really a ancient electrical device capable of immense power if used correctly, or if not, an extremely leathal object. The Bible itself speaks of numerous occasions on which the Ark was not worshipped correctly, resulting in more than often fatal consequences. Modern electricity is very much like this, we have rules for the safety of both ourselves and others when working with high voltage, which also have the same fatal consquences if not observed correctly.

A typical electrical capacitor is described as being a non-conductive material surrounded by two conductive material. This is an exact description of the Ark itself (refer to the drawing below). If the inner layer of gold were to become positivily charged and the outer layer negativily charged then the whole shell of the Ark would become a charged capacitor.

To charge the Ark "capacitor", all that would have been required would have been for the Priests to carry the Ark through the desert. The combination of the desert heat an friction would create static electricity, which could be effectively stored in the Ark. This charging of the Ark would explain a number of mysteries surrounding the Ark. The first being the need to wrap the Ark in animal skins and fine cloth as a means of 'protection'. This procedure needed to be done in exactly the correct way to ensure the Ark was safe for transportation. This would also explain the need to keep the Ark hidden in total darkness when not being used, and the need to carry it long distances before it produced its magic (the seven days around the walls of Jericho?). This would also solve the mystery surrounding the death of anyone who touched the Ark. If the Ark was touched while charged it could have proved instantly fatal. However, if touched while not charged there would be no effect (something the High Priest may have known).

Another Mystery of the Ark is its ability to lift its own weight from the priests who carried it. It was written that after the long days of walking the desert, carrying the weight of the Ark, the priests would become tired. The Ark responded to this by making itself as light as air, releaving the priests of their burdon. It was aslo said to have occasionally lifted the priests themselves off the Ground! There are also stories of the Ark lifting itself off the ground after being placed there and actually leaving the Tabernacle on its own, in apparent mid-air.

The apparent lifting of the Ark could be explained as the result of it becoming more charged as it is carried through the desert. As the negative charge on the outer gold layer increases, repellent forces push the Ark away from the negativily charged earth (see diagram above). The priests carrying the Ark would perceive a decrease in weight as if the Ark was lifting itself off the ground. This effect would actually increase the more the ark was charged (by walking the desert).

If the Ark was a capacitor, capable of storing a huge charge of electricity, then what what this charge for? Why were the cherubim mounted upon the mercy seat, what purpose could they have had? The Bible tells of the Ark releasing fatal sparks of lightning and of a strange glow being emitted between the wings of the cherubim. Were the cherubim in fact terminals of a Tesla coil, powered from the charge of the Arks "capacitor"?

A Tesla Coil is essentially a high voltage transformer that uses air in between primary and secondary coils. It can produce extremely high voltage discharges of 'lightning', sometimes over distances of a few meters. It's design schematic as essentially this: (this diagram has been simplified for ease of reading)

The Tesla coil essentially steps-up power stored in the capacitor via a free air transformer. This is achived by the ratio of turns in the primary and secondary coils of the Tesla coil. The secondary coil is wound with more turns than the primary, inducing a higher voltage (and a lower current) across the secondary coil. This increase in power, if large enough, with create a spark of 'lightning' from the positive terminal of the secondary coil to any negativily charged object (usually the other coil terminal). Refer to the photograph above for an example of the 'lightning' effect. However, if there is not quite enough charge, then often the air between the terminals will glow with a violet coloured light.

This is exactly what appears to have happened with the Ark of the Covenant. If you replace the various sections of the Tesla coil design with the prominent features of the Ark then you arrive at the possiblity of the Ark as an electrical device. You can replace the capacitor with the Arks inner and outer gold layers (as detailed above). You can replace the secondary coil terminals with the solid gold cherubim. The Tesla coil itself could have formed a section of the 'Mercy seat' since this is only a vauge translation of the original obscure hebrew word 'Kapporet'. The orginal meaning of this word is unknown, and could have originally been of a scientific origin. This leaves just the spark coil to be associated with the Ark. There was, of course, something else that was kept in the Ark, something that required Moses to be away from the group for 40 days. The stones of the Ten Commandments. Were these stones actually electrical equipment, comparable to the Tesla spark coil?

It would appear that Moses has access to high levels of knowledge if he was partly involved in the construction of the Ark. Moses was heavily influenced by Egyptian culture, he was probably trained as an Egyptian High Priest. Even if he wasn't, he must have had access to the vast wealth of their knowledge. Did the secret library of the Egyptian god Thoth actually exist, did Moses have access to some of its secrets?

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