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Welcome to my electronic section.
First of all, I apologize for my bad english.

You can find here informations for some devices and programs which are related with electronics.
Wich means that if you make any damage with builded devices from here or with something other I WILL NOT TAKE ANY RESPOSIBILITY FOR THAT!
So if you kill cat, burn a town or destroy a Earth, you doing that at YOUR OWN resposibility.

For now, there's no virus at any of dos/windows listed programs, but I CAN NOT warranty that this will be in the future.
If you download my program and found virus on it, e-mail me.
If you alredy got virus from my program and it's do damage to your computer, I'll not take any responsibility for that!
You are aware that dos and windows aren't safe operating systems, so if you didn't use protection for virus, that's your own problem.
You may try to SUE MICRO$OFT !

|Screen shot- 88 Kb|
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Transformer calculation
DOWNLOAD Windows installation file, 2002 hits so far.
FILE NAME: transformer01.exe
FILE SIZE: 1 101 Kbytes
UPDATE: 15. Mar 2001
MD5SUM: 604f08c1965ed6ef03a10eed26228be9

Transformer Calculation is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness at transformer.
If you have some experience in assembling transformers, then this program is perfect for you.

If you don't known anything about assembling transformers, please don't use calculations from this program for building your own transformer!
Wrong calculation can do damage to your electric device attached to electric network, and IT CAN KILL YOU !!!
You can still use this program to determine how big EI core of transformer must be, if you plan to buy transformer. Note there are lot of transformers that are hybrids, so if you need transformer for amplifire buy right sized transformer. Hybrid transformer are ordinarily small and under high load it can overheat.

Online HELP
UPDATE: 31. May 2001.
All changes and updates on help files are immediately availabe online and will be included on next program release.
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|Screen shot- 24 Kb|
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IC Tester assembly manual
DOWNLOAD Gziped pdf document file, 1019 hits so far.
FILE NAME: ict.pdf.gz
FILE SIZE: 2 208 Kbytes
UPDATE: 30. Mar 2001
MD5SUM: 9507aab4315b8c7d2ddcc9d0d836bce3
IC Tester program
DOWNLOAD Source file, 433 hits so far.
FILE NAME: ictester_0.0.5.tgz
FILE SIZE: 294 Kbytes
UPDATE: 15. Apr 2001
MD5SUM: 10b7644ad53bfe4400d263e2a645bbaf
DOWNLOAD Dos installation file, 279 hits so far.
FILE NAME: ictd005.exe
FILE SIZE: 319 Kbytes
UPDATE: 15. Apr 2001
MD5SUM: d644a8fcc54cfab2d7854b3caeb76aaf
IC Tester database
DOWNLOAD Database file, 305 hits so far.
FILE NAME: ictdata.tgz
FILE SIZE: 117 Kbytes
UPDATE: 6. May 2001
MD5SUM: 558beb19cf42441c11790a1b06a690a3

IC Tester is electronic device for testing ics (integrated circuits) and may test some others electronic elements with appropriate addon.
Device is connecting to parallel (printer) port at computer, currently you can connect it to PC and amiga computers.
All information about assembling this device you can find in pdf document.
On this IC Tester you can test ics with up to 16 pins.
Assembling costs is very low, parts for device costs about 20 dollars, for other elements, that depends how skilful you are, minimum 5 dollars.
So in that matter, IC Tester is cheap and very effective.

For testing ic or other element use IC Tester program, it's command line program and it's great for older computers like 386.
Yes there are plans for making graphics program with database, etc. Currently is availabe in source for linux/dos and in binary form for dos.
I didn't port it yet to amiga, but I working on it.

After you install program you will need database, in which are test files. Of course you can write you own test files for your tested ic.
For manualy installation of database you can now use icupdata script and yes database file is now only 109 Kbytes, because I removing dump data files from database, there are just too big.
For now there's small number of ic test files in database mostly TTL and some CMOS digital technology.
See supported file for detils.
Few words about updating database with new test files.
How it works? It's simple if you write your own test file (not dump file) you can e-mail it to me and I'll put it to database. In that way database will fill up and there will be covered more ics.
Of course if you have new ics wich working correctly, test it and e-mail me confirmation of succes or failure in testing.
For details about report, read in Feedback section in documentation.
I don't have all digital ics to make test files, this is one of main reasons why I give this in public as free.

What to expect in future?
Hm, if there will be large interests about this device, I can make some addons, for example:

  • Addon for programing and reprograming EEPROMs or PICs
  • Addon for testing transistors
  • Addon for testing analog ics
Of course there is more of it, but what's realy important, that there isn't hardware limits any more, but software limits. If you wrote better program device will work better :-).

Online HELP
UPDATE: 15. Apr 2001.
All changes and updates on help files are immediately availabe online and will be included on next program release.


  • 6. May 2001
    • Added new test files to database
  • 15. Apr 2001
    • Program ported to dos, dos installation availabe for download
    • Documentation is wroted and it's availabe online
    • Fixed some errors in program and add detailed error report under -t option
    • Database file is clean, there will be no more dump files in it


to other electronics pages - All about electronics
Excellent starting point, you can find here almost anything.

Electronics 2000
A lot of very useful schematics and basic things if you are new in electronics.

You have problem with finding information data for particulary component?
Try with my way, follow this steps:
  1. Go to Questlink -
  2. Use their search to find component on what you need information.
  3. If you found it, remember the name of company who produce it.
  4. Go now to ePanorama companies list -
  5. Find the name of company on list and go to their web site.
  6. On company site you should find information what you looking for.


MD5SUM What's that ???
Md5sum is program who check some file and gives his 32 bit CRC check.
It's use when you downloaded files like images, splited and any other files that you can't check instantly.
Md5sum you can use on all files with any type and structure.
On linux and most other unix platforms you get it by default, but if you don't have it, you can download it here:

DOWNLOAD Source file, 168 hits so far.
FILE NAME: md5sum.tar.gz
FILE SIZE: 30 Kbytes
UPDATE: 23. Feb 1998
DOWNLOAD Dos executable, 140 hits so far.
FILE NAME: md5sum.exe
FILE SIZE: 33 Kbytes
UPDATE: 23. Feb 1998

How to use it?
Type md5sum and name of downloaded file. Then it's checking file and returns his 32 bit crc hex number.
If the numbers are identical then file was successfuly downloaded, but if aren't then file is probably damaged.

(C) Copyright Silvio Klaic, you can write to me at