Don's List of Suppliers of Lasers
Especially inexpensive!

NOTICE: This list is *not* a complete, exhaustive list.

Prices shown here are in US$ and mostly accurate as of summer to fall 1999 for items from Radio Shack and late 2000 for lasers from Hosfelt Electronics. Other data without dates is mostly about as old as 1998 unless dates are noted.

Prices and/or availability may change without warning.

Most information was taken from various catalogs and ads and is not guaranteed to be accurate.

Lasers available from Radio Shack

NOTE: Items not in the 2000 catalog have been deleted. They may be available in some stores, probably at sale prices where you can find them.

NOTE: Most items below have output power not specified other than not exceeding 5 mW and wavelength is usually not specified can be anywhere from 635 to 685 nM.

63-1046 - pointer, claimed range 300 feet, list price reduced to $29.99 in the 2000 catalog.

63-1048 -keychain pointer with dot and underline modes, claimed range for dot (plain narrow laser beam) 150 feet, 70 feet for underline, list price reduced to $39.99 in the 2000 catalog.

63-1051 - laser pointer with level and ruler, claimed range 1200 feet, requires two AAA batteries. 2000 catalog price reduced to $49.99.

63-1052 - Penlight style laser pointer with 300 foot claimed range and soft rubber gripping surface, requires two AAA batteries. 2000 catalog price reduced to $19.99.

63-1053 - Penlight style laser pointer with pulsing dot and underline modes, claimed range 1200 feet for dot mode. 2000 catalog price reduced to $49.99.

63-1054 - laser pointer of rectangular shape and size about that or slightly larger than that of a stick of gum, 3.5 by .875 by .125 inches. Claimed range 1200 feet, battery included and type not noted in the 2000 catalog. New for 2000 catalog, price $29.99.

Lasers available from Hosfelt Electronics

This has expanded lately and was updated AGAIN re-updated 3/16/2000!!!

U.S. Phone # 1-800-524-6464, (740)-264-6464
Laser specials page:

Prices largely updated with the May 1999 99B through the late 2000 2000-B catalogs, many prices reduced (but no reductions from the 2000-A to the 2000-B catalog), some reduced twice or more, since the 98-A catalog. Some prices I mention as reduced have latest reduction before the 2000-A catalog. Some listings below are older and may even be no longer available. Please also note that some items below not listed in the latest catalog are *not* discontinued but they had a limit of number of pages to submit to the printer and they could not print every non-discontinued laser.

Diode modules listed below do not come with batteries. Pointers and pattern-producing laser devices listed below include batteries.

Catalog no. 74-473 is similar, except for a shorter and more visible wavelength of 650 nM. Its listed price has decreased to $22.49.

Catalog no. 74-433 is a miniature module that is 7/16 inch (11.1 mm.) in diameter by 11/16 inch (17.5 mm.) long. It puts out 2.5 to 4.5 milliwatts of laser light with a wavelength of 670 to 680 nM. It requires 2.8 to 3 volts DC. Its listed price has decreased to $21.95.

Catalog no. 75-160 is a 3.5 mW 650 nm module with an adjustable focus. It requires 3 volts DC. Its listed price is $29.95.

Catalog no. 75-334 is a 3.5 mW 670 nm module with an adjustable focus. It requires 3 volts DC. Its listed price is $19.95.

Catalog no. 75-221 is a laser pointer that resembles a penlight. It supposedly puts out around 4 milliwatts of laser light with a wavelength of 650 nM. Its price has decreased to $22.95.

Catalog numbers 75-321 (black) and 75-322 (silver) are 650 nM penlight models with a supposedly 1600 foot range. These work with AAA batteries (included). The listed price of each has decreased to $12.95.

Catalog no. 75-222 is a 2.3 inch (approx. 6 cm.) long short pen model. Its price has decreased to $22.95.

Catalog no. 75-223 is a penlight model that seems similar to 75-221, except that it has a very visible short wavelength of 635 nM and the range is claimed to be 2400 feet. Its listed price has decreased to $24.95.

Catalog no. 75-253 is a ballpoint pen with a laser pointer built in. It comes with a gift box. The output is now listed as "650 nm" and "<5 mW". Requires three LR-44 or SR-44 batteries (included). The listed price has decreased to $19.95.

Catalog number 75-336 is an ultra-slim penlight style pointer that uses two AAAA batteries. This is not a misprint - these are quadruple-A batteries, not triple-A. Battery life is supposedly 4 hours. Wavelength is 635 nM and range is supposedly 2400 feet. Price is listed at $29.95.

Catalog number 75-327 is a dual mode continuous/blinking laser penlight with a claimed 1600 foot range and a 650 nM wavelength. Listed price is $14.95.

Catalog number 75-295 is a compact laser pointer that resembles a bullet. Its output used to be listed as 4 mW, now as under 5 mW, 1600 foot range, at 650 nM. It supposedly works for 60 minutes with three LR-44 batteries (included). It supposedly works for 2 hours with silver oxide replacement batteries ($.75 each, catalog no. 33-182). The 75-295 laser's listed price has decreased to $7.95.

UPDATE - LR-44 / SR-44 / batteries are now available, 75 cents each, catalog number 357.

Catalog number 75-323 is a compact pointer of an elongated (skinny) egg shape 2.75 by 1.375 by 1 inches. It emits "under 5 mW" of 635 nM laser light with a 2400 foot range and the catalog claims it to be the brightest laser of its type. The listed price has decreased to $34.95.

Catalog number 75-320 is a compact 2.5 inch long laser pointer emitting "less than 5 mW" of 650 nM laser light with a now-claimed 1600 foot range. The listed price has decreased to $5.95.

Catalog number 75-326 is a smaller, "bullet size" 650 nM "bullet" pointer with a suposedly 1600 foot range. It is 1.75 inches (~4.5 cm) long and 7/16 inch (~1.1 cm) in diameter. Listed price has decreased to $7.98. It requires three "192" batteries (included) (catalog number L736, $.35 each).

Catalog number 75-303 is a 3.5 mW 645 nM pointer with a 1600 foot claimed range and line, star, circle, square, and dot output and an optional lens (75-314, price cut to $2.95) for skull, arrow, SOS, hand, and cross-hair patterns. The 75-303's price has decreased to $14.95.

Catalog number 75-316 is a 3.5 by 5/8 dia. inch pointer with 6 different "logo lens" patterns: skull, angel, hand-in-peace-sign, arrow, "I(heart)U," and a semi-reclining woman. No mention of range or mW output, but wavelength is listed as 650 nM. My experience with an apparantly similar model indicates that you can get a plain narrow laser beam by using no "lens" at all. Listed price has decreased to $7.95.

Catalog number 75-325 is a 2.125 inch long bullet style pointer, 650 nM, less than 5 mW, supposedly 1600 foot range. Its listed price has decreased to $6.95.

Catalog number 75-324 is a 670 nM pointer 2.5 by 1 by 5/8 inches. A 600 foot range is claimed. The listed price has decreased to $9.95.

Catalog number 75-317 is a flying-saucer-shaped pointer approx. 1.9 inches in diameter and with 10 selectable output patterns: dot, arrowhead, line, circle, hand, star, SOS, hearts, I(heart)U, and "Happy Birthday". Claimed range for the dot (plain laser beam) is 1600 feet. Listed price is down to $8.95.

Catalog number 75-318 is a mini laser light show with "12 preset built-in rotating patterns", and the catalog shows a few spirograph patterns. Claimed output is 3 mW. Has microphone with switch for control of some sort by music. The entire system supposedly weighs 1 pound (.46 kg) and is contained in a roughly octagonal case 5.75 by 3.75 by 2.25 inches. Listed price is $59.95.

Lasers Available from Digi-Key

U.S. Phone # 1-800-DIGIKEY, web:

Digi-Key sells many laser modules as well as some plain diodes. Manufacturers include Quarton, Coherent, NVG, Lumex, and Panasonic. Prices are mostly higher than for laser pointers nowadays, so get a pointer instead unless you need a precision module. For more info request a catalog.

Damark (1-800-328-3100) now sells laser pointers.

I consider all info I have on Damark to be obsolete but I imagine they still sell laser pointers.

Lasers available at Electronic Goldmine - HeNe!

Electronic Goldmine has HeNe laser scanners of catalog number G1813 for $19.95 each acording to their #238 Fall/Winter 2000 catalog. They say they test the unit to verify that the laser works but otherwise you are on your own. USA phone numbers (800)445-0697, (480)451-7454.

Other and CHEAP cheap sources of diode lasers

Someone I am in contact with a lot tells me that somebody on e-bay is selling laser pointers for $1.25 apiece - LOTS of them.

UPDATE 11/24/2000 - These things came through. My contact reports receiving the goods. In addition my contact reports finding related ebay sellings for related lasers at $1.00. There is some minor gouging on shipping - about 3 and a half bucks for one and one dollar apiece for additional units in the same shipment. This is still a bargain and my contact reports placing buying bids and receiving the goods!

One of the links:

COMPUTER SHOWS - There is a fair chance you can find a vendor selling laser pointers for about $5 at computer shows. Next time you load up on printer ink or the like, get a laser. It may not pay to go just for a laser since these shows often charge $5 or maybe a little more for admission.

Roithner lasers along with some interesting high power LEDs Recommended by Craig Johnson of LEDSaurus, the hobbyists' "smallest LED store on the Internet"!

The link:

The link to Craig Johnson's laser page!


He mentions where to get good green laser pointers, useful hacks on cheap red ones, and more!

Other sources of lasers and accessories (Diode, He-Ne, etc.)

MWK Industries, 1-909-278-0563. (I apologize for providing a bad link, fixed 12/29/96)
Meredith Instruments, 1-602-934-9387.
Midwest Laser Products, 1-708-460-9595.
Edmund Scientific, 1-609-573-6250. Note - I think their prices tend to be high.
Herbach and Rademan, 1-215-788-5583.
Amazing Concepts, 1-800-221-1705.
Electronic Rainbow, 1-317-291-7262.
Timeline Inc. 1-310-784-5488.
World Star Technologies, Inc. ("partial online catalog" 1-416-204-6298

World Star Technologies web site.

Lasermate's web site. They supply laser pointers and compact green (diode-pumped, freq.-doubled Nd) lasers, and more.

Crystal Laser, a supplier of diode-laser-pumped neodymium lasers. They sell green and infrared models.

Opto Power Corporation, a supplier of high power infrared diode lasers.

Written by Don Klipstein.

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