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[TXT]donflash-LINKS.html2001-11-19 05:50 9.0KDon's Xenon Flash and Strobe Page
[TXT]flashsrc.html2001-11-19 05:49 21KWhere to Get Xenon Flashes/Strobes/Parts to Use or Hack
[TXT]samflash.html2001-11-19 05:49 260KNotes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronic Flash Units and Strobe Lights and Design Guidelines, Useful Circuits, and Schematics
[IMG]shok.jpg2001-11-19 05:48 7.6K 
[TXT]strobtop.html2001-11-19 05:50 3.1KComplete Easy Strobes
[TXT]strotrig.html2001-11-19 05:47 6.7KStrobe Trigger Circuit
[TXT]trigcoil.html2001-11-19 05:47 7.1KHow to build your own trigger coil!
[TXT]xedonfaq.html2001-11-19 05:48 3.1KDon's Xenon Mini-FAQ
[TXT]xefb.html2001-11-19 05:48 6.6KUsing Fluorescent Ballasts to Power Xenon Strobes
[TXT]xeguide.html2001-11-19 05:47 28KGeneral Xenon Flash and Strobe Design Guidelines
[TXT]xesafe.html2001-11-19 05:48 15KSome Xenon Strobe and Flash Safety Hints